Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1/2014--day 39 -- mean mom and minimal living.

Last night we had a freeze.  So it was cold this morning.  What did I make my girls do?  Walk to school. Yep, I am a mean mom.

Before you call child services on me--we live literally two blocks from school.  I told my kids if it wasn't raining they could ride their bikes.  Everyday for 2 weeks they begged me to ride bikes, so finally I let them and now they don't want to ride them cause it is to cold in the morning.  By the afternoon it is perfect bike riding weather.

I will say that I have to find their winter coats today cause it is getting colder.  I remember walking to school lots.  I remember mom picking us up and that was always a pleasant surprise, but not expected.  I walked way further than two blocks to elementary, and twice as far to middle school, and if I missed the bus, or didn't have a ride even further to high school (maybe a whole mile or two!)

Also since I finished the bulk of canning yesterday (I did pick some squash and a few peppers that i need to take care of), I have been dreading cleaning my kitchen.  Before cleaning my kitchen easily took 2-3 hours to get it livable, but since I have stopped living in excess I can now get my kitchen 80% done in about an hour--if even that long.  I can get my house picked up in about half an hour--I am LOVING not having all that STUFF in my house.  BUT the problem is that it is still all in my garage!  You don't even want to see the garage.

My husband asked if we could please try to park at least one car in the three car garage this winter.  I am not sure if that is going to happen.  (actually we have one truck parked in there, but we don't use it, so we do have ONE truck in there--does that count?).  One of the other parking spaces is taken by our lawn equipment--Lawn Mower (one riding, one pushing), a lawn sweeper, and stuff like that.  So really the boxes and junk only take up one parking space :)  How is that for justifying?

While I did get ride of 1/3 of our stuff in the first yard sale (which I thought it was more)--I feel lighter and cleaner and not so weighed down.  It is amazing how our junk can weigh us down.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally it really does take a toll.

If you don't believe me think of something you don't want, but can't get rid of, how do you feel about it? Does it seem to take mental focus away from what you want to really be thinking about?  Maybe something your grandma gave you before she passed, or something a friend thought was perfect for you, but you don't really like.  Every time you see it -- it brings you down.  If you were to just give it away (or throw it away) your life would be lighter--you would feel bad for a week maybe two and it maybe uncomfortable when your friend asks where her gift went (you can always say you put it in a safer place, or tell the truth *Gasp*--that while you value her friendship the item wasn't something you loved so you gave it someone who would love it.)--BUT in the long run letting go of things weighing you down will make YOUR life so much better.

OK--I can write a book on clutter, organization, and stuff like that, so I will just end it here!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/30/2014--day 40--So the freezer went out

 knew our freezer was having problems cause it was full of freezer burn.

Not that I am complaining because I crave the taste/texture of freezer burned ice, but alas all things come to an end.

Today I went to go get a big cup of Sonic ice (did you know you can buy a bag of sonic ice for about $2.50?)---and when I opened the freezer-the top two shelves were totally defrosted and huge chunks of ice were built up on the third shelf down that I couldn't even close the freezer door all the way.

Still not sure how that happened, but it was a good thing it did.  So I moved all our still frozen/good food to the deep freeze in the garage--which is really a better place for it.  I didn't organize anything I just threw it all in there (right on top of my Bro-in-laws prized fish that has been in there for maybe 5 years). So that is another project I am not looking forward to, but at least I have stuff in there now to help it run better.

BUT as I was loading the freezer I looked at the corn, the green beans, and more green beans (seriously I have like 35 quart sized freezer bags FULL of green beans), and I  am kicking myself a little for not canning them.

I am sure I have said it before, but I am not sure HOW to use a pressure cooker, so I don't.  I have a new one--never been used--owned it for at least 2 years now! Anyway, I did have to throw a few bags of corn and one bag of apple pie filling away, not only because I had no idea how long they had been thawed (seriously, not even cold to the touch), but because they were really old anyway.

One more reason to can food.  Canned food stays good even in power outages, and I find it much easier to pull out a can of food and have it ready in 5 minutes, then think about pulling out a freezer bag, thawing it, and then making sure you have enough time to let it boil to get soft enough to chew.

One last note.  I am pretty sure this is my last blog post of canning--Let the cheering begin!

Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/2014--Day 41-- Hot flashes and The bump

Yesterday at church I made a comment in a class and immediately my temperature raised about 20 degrees.
Why does it do that?  Also on Saturday night we had a special church meeting for the woman to attend and the room was so hot I HAD to leave and sit in a cooler area.

I am most comfortable at about 50 degrees right now!!  It is so frustrating, but I am so thankful my last two months will be in cooler months cause I seriously avoid going outside between the hours of 10am and 4pm because it is SO hot still (yes 75-85 are SO hot to me right now).

I have to plan what I wear because I sweat like crazy cause I am so hot!  I have a few really cute shirts, but I only wear them at my house cause with in 10 minutes of putting them on I have sweated through them--such a lovely visual I am sure.

It is crazy how your body changes when having a baby.

Like this big ol' bump I carry around with me!

Yet my doctor tells me I am measuring where I am suppose to be.  Sometime I look in the mirror and think--how does the body achieve this!? Very strange.

My dear Sis-in-law told me--'you only look big this time cause you lost so much weight before you got pregnant.'  It was awesome to hear---and I was comparing myself to another girl once (she starts out at a size 0 before pregnancy--yes I know comparing is stupid!), but I told Lucas--she doesn't even look pregnant (this was about 3 months ago) and the kind lady behind me said "You pop out and she gets wide.  Don't worry about, you just carry babies differently.'  That also was a big help to hear.

I have wanted to get maternity pictures taken, but I feel like my belly is so big!  I have people tell me all the time how big I am--'are you sure there aren't two?' 'Wow you are really low!' 'HOW much longer do you have?!'

Seriously people--I own mirrors!  I know I am big...just lie to me and tell me how great I look!  :)

One thing I do love is watching my belly move.  It is totally uncomfortable with this baby, but it looks so crazy.  You feel detached from your belly most of the time cause it is so foreign, but watching that bump jump, move, or bounce is just fun.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/28/2014--Day 42 -- the first step

I am often petrified by doing the first step of anything.

For example.  I picked apples last week, but I have never made apple sauce (I watched/helped a girl do it once), and so the apples sit on my counter slowly getting softer and softer.

Why---because getting the nerve up to just do it is really hard for me.

Some things I dive right in and try it --moving to Korea, face painting, writing a book (but never getting anything published), -- more 'creative' things are easier for me.

One thing else I have noticed.  When I finally do the thing I have been dreading or putting off I figure out that really isn't as hard as I have built it up to be.  Especially with canning stuff--it isn't hard, just time consuming.

Do you ever get stuck at the first step?  How do you find the motivation, will, or calmness to just do it?

Sorry such a short post today, but that is the way it goes.

PS: I have the apple sauce maker all set up, the jars almost ready to sanitize, and yet I am wasting time on the internet--one more way to postpone that first step of just making the apple sauce already!!

9/27/2014--Day 43 -- Random Blogs

Since starting this new blog I have been blog surfing.  See that little link at the top that says "next blog"?  Yep I push it and let the internet just take me along for a ride.

Most of the time I find VERY little that I find interesting--and I am sure those people would pass right over my blog too.  I did find one blog I really like about an ER doctor and some his experiences.  I may or may not have read his WHOLE blog in 24 hours--Thanks to pregnancy induced insomnia!

Sometimes you get into a loop of a specific subject, how that happens I don't know.

I just finally got out of loop of blogs focused 100% on the TV show Lost.  Or link after link devoted to IT work, or anime, or cooking! I am THANKFUL that blogger has an warning for 'mature' sights and I can choose to click them open or skip right over them.  I don't think I would like to be exposed (ha ha ha) to stuff that I personally don't want to see- so thank you for giving me the choice to skip right over that junk.

A few things I noticed

1. If you do a family blog you are most likely Christian or homosexual (or both).
2.  Most blogs ended in 2010-2012.  Do 'empty blogs' get deleted after a while or do they just stay there forever and in 3012 we will be reading some persons random life history from 1000 years ago?
3.  Very very few blogs say why they are ending. Most just end.
4. Maybe I am not very smart, but there are blogs out there that I just think WHY? Why would you feel the need to write/share that.  Like the one who only posted one word posts and they were all random and non connecting.  Or the one who ONLY posted bad words, or the one whose poems were so disjointed I couldn't help but think they are mentally ill.
5. I just don't 'get' about 10% of the blogs I see.  10% are of people trying to be 'artsy' and 'deep'.10% are in foreign languages, 5% are about cooking and food, 10% are just not interesting to ME, and 10% are really interesting and the rest fall somewhere in those spectrum.

So what do YOU think makes for an interesting blog?

9/26/2014 -- Day 44 --City Girl VS. Country Girl

If someone in high school would have told me I would live in a small town, own chickens, not only raise a garden, but freeze and can the harvest for the better part of 3 weeks, and live as a country girl I would have laughed and figured they had the wrong person.

I was all about the theater.  I kind of wanted to do sports, but that interfered with acting (plus I don't think I was good enough to actually make any team) and at my large school only the very best were able to do both.

I dreamed of the spotlight, New York, and took every acting and singing class I could.

I was so unaccustomed to 'country life' that I didn't know a single country song (maybe Friends in Low Places, but who doesn't know that song), and I had NO CLUE was 4H was.  I still am a little confused by it all.  When my hubby pulled up to his house on the 'farm' I was very confused--it didn't have the white picket fence, or the bard where the animals each had their own stalls.  I saw a horse, some cows, a couple geese, and a dog or two.

I think I even asked him "Where are all the animals?"  He was confused and I said "You know, like Charlotte's Web, the movie.  They live on a farm."  His family still laughs about it to this day.

But boy did I learn.

I live in a town where the mail man won't deliever mail to our house because we live to close to the post office.  My address is actually XXXX Main Street, Small Town, CO.  The mayor is also a mechanic, the UPS man is also the judge, the cop works part time, and I know almost all school board members by their first name.  It is a wonderful slice straight out of Mayberry.

I married that country boy.  He was the closest thing to a cowboy I had ever known.  We had 'cowboys' at my high school, but none of them actually owned horses, or cows, or rode horse, or even knew HOW to ride horses.  He kept telling me he wasn't a cowboy, but in his senior class picture he is wearing a cowboy hat--and he graduated with a TOTAL of 18 students.  TOTAL!  I had never heard of that before!

I learned quickly that redneck and white trash are very different.  I learned that not everyone is missing teeth, wears overalls, drinks beer, or lives in single wide trailers.  I also learned that people who DO live in trailers are normal people cause I was one of those people for about a year.

So fast forward some years forward--and I am as far from the spotlight as possible.  The only acting I have available to me is the Summer reading program and the VERY few times a year I get to face paint.

Would I trade my life? Nope.  But I have to say that I would like to see what my life would have been like if I had gone to that acting school in New York, or if I had pursued the theater more.  Like in the movie Sliding Doors.  While the movie was OK, the idea of seeing how different our life could be because of one simple choice is totally intriguing to me.

Anyway--back to being a country girl.  I guess I still have a lot to learn. I can never remember what all the different pieces of farm machinery do (they aren't all tractors--who knew?).  And I keep wondering when I will FEEL like a country girl.  Maybe if I learn to drive a tractor.  Maybe when we own a cow, a horse, and a pig.  Maybe when I can kill, or butcher, a dying chicken or rooster by myself.

Until then I am SO happy that I got to live both lives and wish everyone had that opportunity.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/2014 - Day 45 -- The big Two and computer time

Dishes and Laundry.

The big two.

My mom told me once if you can stay on top of those two things the rest of the house is easy.  I totally agree (expect bathrooms-those always get me, and the kitchen floor, and...ok so really I am a mess)!

So today--I am drying my last load of laundry and the dishes are all done and it is only 3:00!  IF I would have actually started doing laundry and dishes when I woke up I would have been done around 10:00, but dang computer time gets in the way.

The real reason I cleaned my kitchen is so I can make it a mess again.  I am on to the last apple tree (we only have 4 and only 2 produced apples so really I can't complain!)-- plus I have some squash I need to freeze, and a zucchini to make bread with, and a stinky fridge I need to clean out!

Hope your laundry is done and your dishes are CLEAN!!

ps: What was a 'wasting' my time on the computer with?  I follow facebook, pinterest, and a facepaint group every day (well 3 times a day, at least), but today I added in looking for birthday gifts for my firecracker and my amazing hubby--which leads to ebay and craigslist--which leads to about 4 hours later figuring out I am not any closer to getting a gift, but I might have some ideas.  Plus I am getting ready to do a Once-a-month cooking thing so I was comparing prices and all that fun stuff!