Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30/2014-- Day 9 -- To Do list and a few pictures! FINALLY!

I guess blue and red where the colors for Halloween this year--
didn't even notice till I saw these pictures!
Spanish Dancer and Super Girl!

YAY!  It is 10:15 and I am done with my MUST DO LIST--I am not feeling so hot, so I think I will put my feet up for a few minutes-get my kitchen done-and then enjoy the Halloween parties for the rest of the day!  I love having a manageable to do list (if I ignore the stuff I didn't do yesterday) :)

Plus I love when you pull out the things you have been planning on canning and freezing and it just isn't quite ripe yet!  Thanks pineapples for taking longer to ripen! Looks like Saturday will be a major catch up day!

Thursday 10/30/2014

  Make Chili for church Halloween party
  Get kids ready for School (costumes)
  Kids Halloween parties
      Squirts cupcakes
  Fall yard clean up
              Pull flowers on side of house
   How do I prepay hospital--call and find out
    Make Dr. Appointment for when I get to the BIG TOWN!   11/11/14--@2:45

       Clean House Well
              Dining Room
              Kitchen (spray for bugs-Lucas)
              Back two rooms (Spray for bugs-Lucas)
        Do Laundry--1 load-- Wash   Dry    Fold    Away
        Pepper Thank you cards (make or find) (Pepper write)                         (Address) (Mail)-
        Freeze Pineapple (not ripe) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29/2014 -- Day 10 -- To do list (every day now) and just a little life!

Today has been a good day-not everything got done on my list, but I accomplished other stuff that isn't on this list.  --I have a HUGE pile of boxes full of clothes that I sorted into trash bags--now I just got to put those trash bags in the right clothing size tub---but I didn't find my breastfeeding cover which is WHY I went through it in the first place!  It only leaves me thinking that my cover is in a very random box that isn't label!  Looks like I will be searching some more over the next few days! :(

One of the biggest problems is the harder/more I work the grumpier I am by the end of the day.

Gotta work on that.  I gotta pray for energy and patience.  Especially since these next two days are gonna be busy!!

I have the kids school parties tomorrow--we have treat bags for each class, and I made (but not frosted) Squirts class cupcakes.  I think it will be a good day! After school we have the church Halloween party, which in my mind I am gonna have to cut it short.

On Halloween there is a 'Big Rig' event at a church 'in town', followed by my Dr. Appointment, followed by going to support my dear friend "grandma Lo" at her annual art show event, and then getting the girls their free pizza for reading so much--and then get home and get ready to go trick or treating.

I am having such mixed thoughts about my DR appointment on Friday.  I really hope that I am not dilated at all so I can finish up doing what I need to here, but on the other hand it would be a FANTASTIC surprise to find out that I am ready to have this baby early!  I am not holding my breath, but my friend (due Nov. 4th) has had her baby today!  I am totally jealous!

Alright, I am done for the day!

   Water lawn (do this every day)
   Find Sprinkler that works
  Fall yard clean up
         Pick up apples 
         Pull out the non garden items    
  Spray outside house for bugs (Lucas must do)
  Vote and Mail in
  Call Dr. Jackson for Denver referral
  Appointment with other teacher on Wednesday
  Make Cupcakes for Squirt   
  Freeze Pineapple
  Clean house Well
        Kitchen (spray for bugs-Lucas)
        Back two rooms (Spray for bugs-Lucas)
Do three laundry loads TOTALLY 
#1 wash    Dry   Fold    Away
#2 Wash   Dry    Fold    Away
#3 Wash   Dry    Fold    Away
Pepper Thank you cards (make or find) (Pepper write) (Address) (Mail)
Get costumes together
      Sedona--tights/fan/hair bow/make-up
      Pepper--shirt/tights/make up/
Get Stuff from Jenni
Grocery Shopping 
Post Office
Drop lid off at lady house
Mail Angie money
Get Visit Teacher done-- write a letter -- Mail
call to report VT
eggs to Lois
chicken food

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28/2014 -- Day 11 -- Wood Stove, In laws, To do list, and ramblings.

Today around noon my brother in law called and left message about a wood burning stove he saw online.  We have been looking for one for our kitchen that has a flat top to cook on in power outages and such, but we live in an old Victorian house and the stove we have is kind of modern so when I went to the website and saw it I thought it was great.

I called and he said he had a lot of people look at it and want to see it (which I totally believe cause it was a good price and looked nice), so my sister in law happen to come in while I was talking to him and she offered to go with me to pick it up, since I am (useless) pregnant!

She called her hubby, my brother in law and within 25 minutes we were on our way (about 45 minutes each way) to get this fireplace.  My brother in law looked it over (since he knows about fireplaces) and we paid for it and were on our way.  They are seriously amazing!

The guys house was so nice. We pulled up to a beautiful lawn with a cute porch so nicely decorated with flowers and a few pieces of furniture.  He comes walking over from a fenced in area where two pretty horses are hanging out.  It was such a nice set up.  Made me want to redo my whole front porch area (which is a WHOLE different story)!  The man and his wife were so kind, and the wife took my little man and two cousins around to see the dogs and the bird feeder and antlers. They seriously were people I wish I had an hour or two to just sit and visit with, but since my brother in law was on lunch break, we kept it short.


Wheeler just tried to hand me a candy he had taken a bite out of-- "I am going to save this for my baby."  He kepts trying to save little pieces of candy, food, drinks, for the baby, or his cousins.  He is so funny.  Also--maybe TMI--but he has constipation issues so it is a big deal when he poops. The other day (maybe I already blogged this?) he wanted a sucker, which he can have IF he poops in the potty, so he went and sat for a while and suddenly I heard "only crap that is a big poo-poo!"  Seriously where does he learn this!


I have a wireless mouse and when the batteries start to run low it starts jumping around and 'tweeking' out. So much so that I can't use spell check cause I can't high light the exact word--so sorry for any spelling mistakes until I buy some more triple A batteries.


The Christmas gifts I ordered are starting to come in, and I am not sure why, but this is the first I haven't just torn into them to look at them.  Maybe I am maturing, maybe I am just tired, maybe I am just not as excited this year as other years? Who knows!


When I wake up I keep thinking 'today I will have more energy', but it isn't happening!  I wish my 'nesting' would kick in so I could get my house up to where I would like it to be.  These past two weeks the house has been at their worst since moving home from Korea.  It might help if
1.  I could keep a train of thought going for more then 10 minutes
2.  I didn't have to stop my projects every 45 minutes to use the restroom
3.  I wasn't competing with my 3 year old to keep it clean (today I found the butter under the dining room table!?)


THIS section I split my to do list up in the remaining days left---
This was the randomness that was left over. 

 Both libraries on 30th--Renew Library books online?

Return all Library books or renew the ones I want to keep

After Baby is Born
Figure out how to organize my kitchen (zones?)  (Take pictures and make a plan in Denver?)
  Do Korean gifts for Christmas (not gonna happen before I leave)

 In "the big town"
  Find embellishments for baby book (Finish in the big town)
Look for oven to buy in Denver (mine is officially on its last leg!)

   Christmas gifts for extended family and others
      Dad in Law
     Mom in law  
     Dad in law (hubby in charge)
     McFadden Family- grown up
     Little man man
        Lucas Name

Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27/2014 -- Day 12 -- pretzel pizza & going to 'town'

There are few pizza's I don't like, but today I had a pretzel pizza from Little Ceaser's.

I don't claim that their pizza is amazing, but for the price it is pretty great.   But today I spent the extra dollar and got the pretzel pizza.  I am not sure why I don't like it, maybe because of the large pieces of salt? Maybe because the piece I got was mostly crust and very little toppings.

So today I went to 'town'.  When you live 20 miles from the closest big grocery stores you tend to plan ahead.  Plus with gas prices (even though they are falling :) )  we try not to go more than once every two weeks-since that is when payday happens.

It wears me out.  Even when I am not prego I feel drained after going and I am not sure why.

One thing I LOVE about going to 'town' is that I get fast food.  The closest fast food place is 20+ miles away (in 'town').  I grew up on fast food and I love it.  So when I go I try to make it there for lunch and pick something up for dinner on the way out of town-normally Taco Bell for lunch and Pizza for dinner.

People seemed to be very kind today.  Maybe it is because I waddle so bad they are afraid I am going to pop any second, or maybe cause I look just worn out, but more than one worker at the grocery store asked if I needed any help, the grocery bagger insisted she push at least one of my carts (yes I had two) to my car, I had the door held open for me at two places, and even the library ladies were kind when Little Man threw a fit and I was trying to calm him.

So not much to report today because all day was spent in 'town' and pizza was the most exciting part of my day.  Oh I guess I am excited because I also bought a car seat for $20--my car seat expired and I am afraid of dealing with hospital people being stubborn about us taking home baby in it.  My husband told me not to worry about it, but when I saw this car seat for this price I just got it.   Oh yeah--AND I got .30 cents off gas, so I filled my almost empty tank for $2.79 a gallon today! It was awesome--so I guess there were a lot of good things that happened today :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/26/2014 --Day 13-- Starting to hit me! and more

For some reason the idea of having a new baby hasn't really settled in. Maybe I have been focused so much on the pregnancy I have kind of forgotten when the end result will be.

I am SUPER excited to have a new baby, but I am really frustrated to think about breastfeeding--lets just say I hate it.

Funny how most women fear birth, but I fear breastfeeding.

So I am trying really hard on focusing on the good and happy parts of having a newborn and trying hard not to feel overwhelmed.


Today we went to visit another congregation (Same church) that my brother in law and his family attend.  He was placed in the highest leadership position in the congregation, which means he will be the spiritual leader for his congregation for the next 5-10 years.

It was great to be there and take part in that.


I have been watching movies I have rented from the library---Sherlock is one of the TV series I have watched.  It has been fun, and interesting, but really I am not SHERLOCKED at all.  I will watch the rest when they come out cause I like them, but I would rather do a Mentalist marathon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/2014 -- Day 14 -- Leg cramps, hot coco, and Weekends

Two nights ago I woke up with the worst cramp in my calf.  It was painful!  Last night in the same leg I had a cramp in my hamstring.  It wasn't as bad as my calf, but still painful enough.

Two days later I am still super sore! Yesterday I couldn't hardly straighten my leg cause it hurt so bad.

I made sure I have been drinking enough water and I bought bananas today to help combat it!  In doing research on why this happens I learned 'they' don't really know why.  There are theories, but nothing that actually is specific.

I remember my church leader telling me she used a certain essential oil on leg cramps, so I think I will look into that and HOPE it is one that I already have cause I am NOT looking forward to these.  I have leg cramps (and heart burn) with all my pregnancies and the leg cramps wake me out of deep sleep into sitting bolt upright trying to relax and message the pain away.

So now not only do I wake every two hours to use the restroom-I now get to wake up randomly with leg cramps!  ugg!  Just getting me ready for breastfeeding I guess!


If you don't know-- I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE!  That is all, but I am sure this won't be the last you hear of my hot chocolate obsession, especially since we are just getting into colder  weather!


Saturdays are so strange. Some times I have a ton of energy and get a lot done, while other Saturdays (like today)  I just zone out, sleep, and accomplish so little!

Sundays are nap days for me.  I don't know why but they always have been.  I come home from church and zonk! It is a bad habit to do it every Sunday!  I need to find better ways to fill my time during the Lords day!

I have lists and lists of things that I could/should do.  I guess this time in my life isn't the best to start trying to add a lot, so in about six months I will reevaluate my time and see how I can spend it better--especially on Sunday!


I think I am running out of ideas to blog about...or I am just totally useless today!  Yeah, I going with useless.  Why is it so easy to think of blog posts that are brilliant in the middle of the night, but come up with nothing while sitting at the computer?

Friday, October 24, 2014

10/24/2014--Day 15-- Energy TImer, Clean house, once a month cooking, P!nk

This will be a total random blog.

First I swear my energy level is on a timer and around 5:30 it just runs out. The only time that doesn't happen is when I am in the middle of something, or I have had a good nap, but seriously I am DONE by this time.  My body just goes limp, my hips stop working, and I am miserable!


My house can't stay clean for more than an hour.  For example. I asked the kids to help finish picking up while I mowed the lawn.  In the fall it takes me about 2 hours to do this--I thought the house is pretty clean so it will look amazing when I get in--WRONG!  It looks worse. Instead of picking up anything up they pulled toys out and it looks so much worse!  UGG.

To give her props--Firecracker did clean the bathroom as well as she could so that IS SO HELPFUL!  I made sure she was WELL aware of how awesome that was.

So now my energy level is GONE and the house isn't finished.  I just don't know how to do it!


Yesterday Pam and I finished the meals.  It went so much better yesterday since all the BIG mess was made and cleaned up.  Now it was just assembly.  It still took a LOT of time.  I arrived at her house around 9:30 and worked till I left at 4:04--with a lot of meals and Pams kitchen pretty clean.  

I really want to do a detailed blog post of the process-the grocery list-the prep-the cooking-the assembly-the packaging-and all of that, but by the time I sit down to blog I am to tired to mentally think about it.  

One day I will do it again and be more detailed oriented.  Plus while it was great doing it with Pam this time (seriously wouldn't have been able to do it without her), I think next time we will do it separately.  It just gets to be to big with that much food.  OR we will just do less meals and do more of them. 

I am totally loving the artist P!nk right now.  She is pretty hardcore, and amazing.  
I do look for CLEAN versions of her songs since she does swear a lot, but I also love watching her perform.  She does all this acrobatics and SINGS at the same time.  It is amazing!  
Plus she has an AMAZING body.  After watching her do a few "live" performances (on youtube so they aren't live anymore), I can see why she has such a great body.  
I guess I think she is AMAZING--since I used it WAY more than anyone should in one short blurp.