Friday, October 24, 2014

10/24/2014--Day 15-- Energy TImer, Clean house, once a month cooking, P!nk

This will be a total random blog.

First I swear my energy level is on a timer and around 5:30 it just runs out. The only time that doesn't happen is when I am in the middle of something, or I have had a good nap, but seriously I am DONE by this time.  My body just goes limp, my hips stop working, and I am miserable!


My house can't stay clean for more than an hour.  For example. I asked the kids to help finish picking up while I mowed the lawn.  In the fall it takes me about 2 hours to do this--I thought the house is pretty clean so it will look amazing when I get in--WRONG!  It looks worse. Instead of picking up anything up they pulled toys out and it looks so much worse!  UGG.

To give her props--Firecracker did clean the bathroom as well as she could so that IS SO HELPFUL!  I made sure she was WELL aware of how awesome that was.

So now my energy level is GONE and the house isn't finished.  I just don't know how to do it!


Yesterday Pam and I finished the meals.  It went so much better yesterday since all the BIG mess was made and cleaned up.  Now it was just assembly.  It still took a LOT of time.  I arrived at her house around 9:30 and worked till I left at 4:04--with a lot of meals and Pams kitchen pretty clean.  

I really want to do a detailed blog post of the process-the grocery list-the prep-the cooking-the assembly-the packaging-and all of that, but by the time I sit down to blog I am to tired to mentally think about it.  

One day I will do it again and be more detailed oriented.  Plus while it was great doing it with Pam this time (seriously wouldn't have been able to do it without her), I think next time we will do it separately.  It just gets to be to big with that much food.  OR we will just do less meals and do more of them. 

I am totally loving the artist P!nk right now.  She is pretty hardcore, and amazing.  
I do look for CLEAN versions of her songs since she does swear a lot, but I also love watching her perform.  She does all this acrobatics and SINGS at the same time.  It is amazing!  
Plus she has an AMAZING body.  After watching her do a few "live" performances (on youtube so they aren't live anymore), I can see why she has such a great body.  
I guess I think she is AMAZING--since I used it WAY more than anyone should in one short blurp. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

10-23-214 -- Day 16 -- Once a month cooking

Yesterday was a very frustrating day for me!  Today will be better, but still frustrating!

I am a planner so when things don't go according to plan I am upset!

I planned to do once a month cooking with my sister in law.

She is getting foot surgery and I am having a baby so we won't be really up for helping each other very much, so we figured this would be a good thing to do.

BUT my calculations are all messed up!  I planned on making about 20 different meals and being able to make 4 of each, but we are only coming up with 2 of each!

I don't know where I went wrong.

The good thing is we will both end up with about 20 meals in our freezer for easy access, but the frustrating part is it isn't 40!!

Last time I did this I was really organized and it worked out perfect. Very little left overs--the right amount of stuff for each meal, but this time we have a TON of hamburger left, we ran out of other stuff, and things like that.

Today we will finish assembling the meals--yesterday we assembled some of them--but we cooked all the meat, washed and chopped all the veggies, and worked from 9:30 am till 8:30 pm--that included clean up.  I was TIRED last night.  Today we should be finished by early afternoon!

Oh live and you learn.  I will have to cook up some meat so I will have meat enough for a few more meals--cause that is the hardest part of the meal for me, is getting the meat out and cooked.

I just noticed I have a little more than 2 weeks left!! YAY!  But man I have a lot to do in 2 weeks!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/21/2014--Day 18 -- daily journal

So today was busy and FUN!

I woke up to pick up the house (after checking facebook and pinterest first of course), and run to the grocery store.

I bought a few things I still needed for the once a month cooking, but ran home to vacuum before all the Preschool group got to my house.

We had a fun time of making a paper plate and toilet paper ghost craft, making "popcorn balls", which was more like 'rice crispy treat' popcorn balls, and I painted the kids faces.

I think it went well.  After that a good friend came over and helped me with some birthing information I  have been wondering about.  She was a great help and I think I worked through an issue or two I was worried about labor--like exactly how to visualize it.

After that all three kids had DR. appointments---including Flu shots-which are NEVER fun.

Followed by some grocery shopping and finish up the day with homework and bedtime.

Kind of boring to read about but I find it kind of perfect --except for the swollen feet at the end of the day!

Oh yeah--AND I was able to buy over 250 diapers for 30 bucks!! WHOO HOO! I am FULLY stocked up on Size 1 diapers---now time to stock pile size 2. (I have 3 small packages of newborns cause Little Man had grown out of them by week 3--so we never know what to expect)

10/21/2014 -- Day 19--Elf on a shelf Ideas

Here is my list of Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Once again Christmas before Halloween--I am a planner!

Maybe I will take pictures of each day.

Day in December

1. welcome letter and advent calendar (Dang it, better get the advent calendar together!)
2. With Cereal boxes in the morning
3. With a bag of stuff for s'mores for us
4. Wrapped up in Christmas lights
5. Watching a Christmas movie
6. Change computer screen to picture of self
7. Riding a dinosaur
8. Hanging his clothes out to dry (we got a cute clothing line from my friend)
9. Making a fort
10: Hid in the tea set with a box of new tea
11: working out--toothpicks and mini marshmallows
12: fill the middle room with balloons
13: Reading a Christmas book
14: Hiding Candy Canes around house
15: Sitting in Christmas tree
16: Dye milk green
17: Gifts to take to our neighbors (wrapping paper still out)
18: Paint kids faces while sleeping
19: T.P. the Christmas tree
20: Decorate the mirror in bathroom
21: playing in baby diapers -- a little mess with baby powder
22: Put kids underwear on Tree
23: Praying at the Nativity
24:  Reading the scriptures
25:  Just a note from the Elf saying goodbye

Last year my kids found the Elf in my drawer.  Why was he still there?  I told them he was checking up on them every now and again and today, I guess, was a day he was checking.  I made sure to cover him with a sock and hide him in a higher spot!

Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20/2014--Day 20--Pictures to take of my baby the first 30 days

So I looked for a list that tells of 30 specific pictures to take of your newborn in the first 30 days of their life, but couldn't find one list.

So I made one off of other pictures I liked.  I know that these should come naturally to take these pictures, but as the 4th kid and during the month of December things are bound to get a little crazy!

Like most of my posts, this is mainly for me, but feel free to read along.   :)

Wow this is proving harder than I thought!  I guess I will leave the last 10 days blank and see what I can come up with.  Plus I know these aren't in order cause we will most likely see our extended family before day 21--but I want to just get them down!  Looks like I will leave some blank spots and fill them in as I find pictures I like.

Day 1: of course the 1st picture and the siblings & Grandma meeting the baby the first time.
Day 2: Going home picture if you are able to go home this day
Day 3: Up close picture of body--ears, eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, toes, and so on!
Day 4: Picture of them all wrapped up in their cute blankets sleeping
Day 5: Crying Picture
Day 6: Individual picture with each of the kids
Day 7: Dad and Baby-lots of pictures
Day 8: Picture with toy-take one a month to show growth
Day 9: In favorite outfit
Day 10: Bath time
Day 11: Try to get a yawn picture
Day 12: Mom and baby sleeping
Day 13: With dads tools
Day 14: In dads monster truck--how? humm?
Day 15: In a Christmas box (as the present)
Day 16: In front of Christmas Tree
Day 17: Mom and baby hands-each kid and dad too
Day 18: snuggle and reading time with baby
Day 19: Belly Button (now it should look normal)
Day 20: Better Family picture--with mom NOT in hospital/frumpy clothes
Day 21: Cousins/extended family
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24:
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29:
Day 30:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/19/2014 -- Day 21--The perfect blog

maybe this is wrong of me, but if I run across a blog that looks perfect--I get easily bored.  I like to see peoples mess ups.  Not horrible 'life is ending' mess ups, but pictures with the kids dirty, or the house in the background a little messy.

I skip the blogs where every picture is of some expensive big adventure.

Do you know what I mean?

The first blog I stumbled on was a family in totally matching perfectly looking clothes and hair--all their pictures were at the 'family cabin' which was nicer than my house--the next set of pictures were on a boat with everyone water skiing or enjoying their gorgeous bodies on an awesome (but ridiculously expensive) smaller boat.  I read the first page of their is perfect.

The next blog the first post I read was about how each family member had been to the hospital that month and for all different things.  It is real (but the things were all 'minor'), it was funny, it made me want to read more about her real life and not just about all the sparkly things that happen in their life.

BUT to be honestly fair, I didn't read past the first page of that blog either.  Call me a blog snob!

BUT I am a total hypocrite because I also don't like blogs without pictures, and mine is just that.  A picture-less, colorless blog.  One day I will look into that more, but that is NOT a priority on my 'just survive today' list.

So I guess I can take a deep breath knowing that no one will ever look at my blog and think 'what a perfect life she lives', but in my mind it is pretty dang close to perfect!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

10/18/2014--Day 22-- Forget November

I am not sure why but I just am skipping November for the most part in my mind.  Um..maybe because I will have a new baby for most of the month!

SO I am going to take down Halloween decorations and start Christmas decorations and totally skip Thanksgiving.

Also Thanksgiving this year will be SIMPLE.

Maybe instant potatoes, instant sweet potatoes, corn, store bought rolls, and steak (which I will ask hubby to cook).

Also I have started to think about Elf on the Shelf ideas and wrote down an idea for each day so that I don't have to think about it and plan ahead if I need to, but they are all easy and don't need a lot of prep or execution.  Maybe after this year I will be able to step it up in these fun little things, but not this year!

So sorry to be posting about Christmas before even Halloween, but I am ONE of those people this year.

December Daily Picture--cute idea.  I saw a list of pictures to take every day while waiting for the Big Guy in Red to show up.   Had to write it down before I forgot.

I think I should a list of pictures to take of your newborn for the first 30 days too!

Humm--after my 2 minute search I couldn't find a list -- looks like I will have to make my own--I feel a new post coming up!